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Virtual Transaction Solutions Concierge

Meet the Founder

Dr. Mitzie Mathis

CEO + Founder

Dr. Mitzie Mathis is an analytical and knowledgeable leader who takes a strategic approach to help others achieve maximum results.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Mathis has worked as a Systems & Network Engineer in the Information Technology industry, supporting Fortune 500 companies by implementing systems and processes to optimize data collection.

Dr. Mathis was able to leverage her process improvement skills and knowledge of systems
administration to pivot into Real Estate. After over a decade of managing her own rental
properties and wholesaling real estate, she transitioned into her current role as a Transaction Coordinator.

In this position, she helps real estate professionals alleviate the struggles associated with the daily transaction process, allowing real estate agents to continually meet clients, show
properties and scale their business faster.


To provide seamless, one-stop Transaction Coordinator and Listing Management services to Real Estate professionals so they can focus on their clients and grow their business.

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